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Quality 100% Silk Woven Pre-Tied and Adjustable Rose Croix Bowtie.  Black with White spots w..
£11.99 Ex Tax: £9.99
A stunning set of Scottish Rite masonic cufflinks, cut to shape with superb detail in rich enamel..
£14.39 Ex Tax: £11.99
Masonic 100% Silk woven Rose Croix tie with all over woven design. Tie is handfinished and m..
£16.79 Ex Tax: £13.99
Masonic 100% Silk Woven Red Rose Croix Tie with the Rose Croix woven underknot . Tie is..
£16.79 Ex Tax: £13.99
Gold Plated Masonic Rose Croix Cufflinks, cut to shape and polished to a very high standard. ..
£15.59 Ex Tax: £12.99
Black 100% Silk Woven Rose Croix Tie with White spots, handfinished and comes in a cellophane sle..
£16.79 Ex Tax: £13.99
Silk woven Rose Croix Tie with quality enamelled matching cufflinks supplied in a chrome giftbox ..
£28.79 Ex Tax: £23.99