Masonic Regalia by Order (L-Z)

If you’re seeking the best Masonic regalia, you’ve come to the right place. As the leading purveyor of high-quality collars, aprons, badges, cufflinks, rings, and other Freemason items, our handcrafted items impart reverence to every ceremony and Lodge event. Whether you require Rose Croix, Irish Masonic, Knights of Malta, or Masonic Craft Regalia, we offer a wide range of products in multiple degree ranks. If you don’t happen to see precisely what you’re looking for, the Masonic Collection design team is happy to create bespoke pieces that fit your exact specifications.

For more than a decade, we’ve become a trusted international manufacturer and supplier of handcrafted Masonic regalia. And we take that role incredibly seriously. This is why our team carefully fashions and inspects all products before they’re shipped to one of our thousands of international customers. From start to finish, we provide our clientele with the finest customer service experience possible – and every order is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.