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Masonic Constitutions & Yearbooks

Masonic Constitutions & Yearbooks
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The Book of Constitutions is the rule book of the United Grand Lodge of England that regulates all L..
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Knights Templar Yearbook Liber Ordinis Templi Statutes 2017-2018 by Grand Lodge of Mark Master Mas..
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This is the official Book of Constitutions and Yearbook of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons a..
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OSM Book of Constitutions and Regulations 2017/2018 by Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons...
£18.88 Ex Tax: £15.73

The cornerstones of Masonry are integrity and community, and in order to properly ascend through the ranks, it’s vital to understand the Constitutions of Freemasonry. Based on the oldest Freemasonry manuscripts, this historical set of rules and codes of conduct create a uniform approach for the United Grand Lodge of England. You’ll also be required to own a Masonic yearbook to advance into Freemason ranks. If you’re looking for a large selection of Freemasonry books online, we offer an incredible collection from humorous anecdotes to handbooks.