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Knights Templar Books

Knights Templar Books
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In the Steps of the Templar The History of the Masonic Orders of Knights Templar and Knights of Mal..
£29.70 Ex Tax: £29.70
In the Compasses and the Cross, Stephen Dafoe, the author of Nobly Born: An Illustrated History of t..
£20.90 Ex Tax: £20.90
Knights of Malta Ritual 2011 by Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons ISBN: 9690000038618 ..
£7.87 Ex Tax: £7.87
Knights Templar Ritual by Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons ISBN: 9690000038588 ..
£7.26 Ex Tax: £7.26
Knights Templar Yearbook Liber Ordinis Templi Statutes 2017-2018 by Grand Lodge of Mark Master Mason..
£14.52 Ex Tax: £14.52
In 1118, nineteen years after the fall of Jerusalem to Christian hands, nine Knights arrived at th..
£7.25 Ex Tax: £7.25

Looking for Knights Templar books? You’ve come to the right place. As an international leader of Masonic regalia online, we take the quality of each product seriously. That’s why – unlike the majority of books on the Knights Templar – our collection comes without sensationalism and inaccuracies. 

From Templar flag rituals to the legendary history of famous members to longstanding mythologies, this wide selection of well-researched Freemasonry books is sure to impress anyone. If you’re ascending to the rank of Knights Templar, be sure to expand your understanding of this order with the right materials.