We are closed from Thursday 11th to Friday 19th, all orders will be shipped Monday 22nd.

We are closed from Thursday 11th to Friday 19th, all orders will be shipped Monday 22nd.



Welcome to Masonic Collection Ltd

At Masonic Collection Ltd, we take pride in being the leading supplier of the finest Masonic regalia. Our experts are involved every step of the way, from design to manufacturing to shipping. By handling the entire process ourselves, we’re able to keep our exclusive items competitively priced.

Wide Range of Regalia

No matter what order you belong to, our range of Freemason regalia provides  exceptionalnitems for speechmaking, ceremonies, galas, and any other celebration. Choose from a wide array of silk ties, jewels, gloves, books, cufflinks and other Masonic gifts.

Custom Masonic Designs

If you’re looking to commemorate a specific event – or don’t happen to see what you’re looking for – please reach out to one of our designers. No matter your order, you can depend on our unparalleled customer service and high-quality Masonic regalia.

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Are you looking for comfortable and skin friendly masonic gloves? If yes then Masonic Collection Lim..
Ex Tax: $9.90
Based on 15 reviews.
At some point in their journey, every Freemason requires white cotton gloves. As members of the brot..
Ex Tax: $9.00
Based on 6 reviews.
Masonic Poppy Badge is wonderfully crafted by the master craftsmen of UK. The red and green enamel..
Ex Tax: $5.75
Based on 3 reviews.
For a personalised touch, we recommend these embroidered Masonic gloves with lodge number, as well a..
Ex Tax: $13.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Masonic Collections brings you finely designed Classic Layflat MM/WM Masonic Regalia Case. It is des..
Ex Tax: $58.99
Based on 11 reviews.
We would like to present the RCC Commander / Deputy Commander Jewel; a beautiful creation made with ..
Ex Tax: $104.00
The Royal & Select Master’s Chain Collar is a brilliant piece of workmanship. The chain collar a..
Ex Tax: $397.99
The Order of Secret Monitor (OSM) Provincial Collarette Jewel is made with high quality metal, blue ..
Ex Tax: $118.00
The Allied District Grand Prefect Chain Collar is a brilliant piece of workmanship for the Grand Pre..
Ex Tax: $442.00
We will provide you with a chain collar that is only made with the best quality materials. We would ..
Ex Tax: $420.00