Masonic Jewel Holder & Jewel Pad

Masonic Jewel Holder & Jewel Pad

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Keep your jewels looking in pristine condition with this quality Jewel Holder & Jewel Pad

* Jewel pad with wallet to attach jewel ( can hold 3 with ease)

* No more holes insert pad into pocket to display your jewels

* Insert to Personalise your Wallet with Name, Lodge, No. etc

* Wallet has lovely design of Pavement, Square & Compass and Pillars

* Popper Fitment to open and close case

Randy on 08/09/2020
5 reviews
Made well and of quality material, good buy and good service
Seth on 07/09/2020
5 reviews
Excellent 3-jewel holder, flexible for different pin arrangements
John on 07/09/2020
5 reviews
Perfect for the job and of a good quality
Andrew on 07/09/2020
5 reviews
Thanks for the lovely Masonic jewel holder. Great product – great service, too.
Craig on 02/09/2020
5 reviews
Great product 5 stars!!! Thank you!

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