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A square and a set of compasses linked together, commonly known as the Square and Compasses, is the most identified mark of Freemasonry. The square and compasses on the symbol are representations o.. Read More
The Royal Arch Masonry is the extension of Craft Freemasonry. The members of the fraternity, identified as the Companions, meet in particular Chapters under the assistance of a Grand Chapter. Each .. Read More
Composed of specific clothing and insignia, regalia is a legitimate traditional practice that is a manifestation of chivalric organizations during the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Today, numer.. Read More
The manifestation of true Masonic etiquette is rarely confined to Lodge assemblies conducted by the organization. Certain social manners fit for each member of the Freemasonry, such as when a membe.. Read More
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A Guide for the Masonic Treasurer
Being a Lodge Treasurer would have most Brethren running for the hills, thinking 'this job's not ..
Ex Tax: £9.99
A Guide to the Tyler's Work
A title in the Lewis Masonic Handbook series which gives the reader an introduction to the duties..
Ex Tax: £7.99
A Handbook for The Freemason's Wife
Have you ever wondered why men want to be Freemasons? How do they become one and what does it inv..
Ex Tax: £9.99
A Handbook for the Worshipful Master
As you look forward to occupying the Master's Chair you will already have acquired a good idea of..
Ex Tax: £12.99
Complete Lodge Secretary Software
The Complete Lodge Secretary is a computer program that centralises Lodge information. It provide..
Ex Tax: £60.00
Duties of the Festival Secretary
The procedure is taken in chronological order and covered in detail for the process of arranging ..
Ex Tax: £3.40
Freemasonry - The Reality
Its time to forget the Fairy stories, the lies, the propaganda and the wishful thinking. Its time..
Ex Tax: £19.99
The Assistant Officers
The range of duties that the junior ranks of regular Officers will be expected to perform during ..
Ex Tax: £9.99
The Director of Ceremonies: and Assistant Director of Ceremonies
This title is a new volume in Lewis Masonic's new series of practical guides for Lodge officers. ..
Ex Tax: £9.99
The EA's Handbook
An interpretation of the first degree, the meaning of the preparation, symbolism, ritual and sign..
Ex Tax: £6.99
The FC's Handbook
In the FC's Hanbook we are dealing with the degree of Life, in its broadest sense, just as in the..
Ex Tax: £6.99
The Lodge Almoner
A title in the Lewis Masonic handbook series which gives the reader a thorough introduction to th..
Ex Tax: £10.95
The Lodge Secretary
The Lodge Secretary is a key and pivotal member of the lodge with whom lays the responsibility fo..
Ex Tax: £11.00
The MM's Handbook
Completes the series of these three studies with a look at the third degree. ISBN: 0853180814..
Ex Tax: £6.99
The Principal Officers: A Practical Guide
Examines the three most important officers in each Lodge: the Master, the immediate Past Master a..
Ex Tax: £12.95
The Wardens, The Chaplain, The Immediate Past Master, The Past Masters
A Lewis Masonic Handbook. Covering the duties of the Wardens, Chaplain, Immediate Past Master &am..
Ex Tax: £12.95
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