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How to Become a Member of a Masonic Lodge

How to Become a Member of a Masonic Lodge

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that is made up of men around the world that are of good persona, good will, and good reputation. The brotherhood has faith in a Supreme Being and believes in the concept of a universal brotherhood. Members of a Masonic Lodge often wear specific Lodge regalia. To become a member:

·         You must be male and at least 21 years of age. There's no discrimination in the organization so any race, religion, or colour is qualified to become a member of the esteemed brotherhood.

·         You must be of good character, will, and reputation. You must provide references that can attest to the positive way you live your life. At least one of the references must come from a Masonic member.

·         You must be steadfast in your faith and you must believe in a Supreme Being.

3 Steps to Become a Member of a Masonic Lodge

·         Contact a local Lodge. The simplest way to start the process is to get in touch with your local Masonic Lodge. You can find their contact information either in a telephone book or online. You may also find a Freemason that can help you. Many Freemasons wear their Lodge regalia even on ordinary days so they're easier to spot. They'll be more than happy to assist you.

·         Submit your petition to the local Lodge. Your petition to join the organization will be read during a Lodge meeting and then forwarded to a committee who will invite you for an interview.

·         Show up for the interview. A panel will ask you questions relating to your intent to join the Freemasonry. You will be asked about your life in general, your background, and your character. You may also ask questions about the organization during this process.

The Investigative Committee will devote a week or two to get in touch with your references and to perform a background check. Drug abuse, alcoholism, and other negative issues can be a cause for denial of the application. Note that in some countries, the investigation process may take years. Once the checking is done, the members of the Lodge will vote on whether you'll be accepted as part of the brotherhood or not. If you're accepted, the Lodge will send you an official invitation to become a Freemason member.

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