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Buying Craft Provincial Regalia after an Appointment

The Brotherhood of Freemasonry prides themselves with their amazing line up of members, most of whom play key influential roles in their field. This only proves that being dubbed as a Freemason alone is a considerable honour, knowing that you have been seen as someone superior over a lot of other people who are striving to be part of the group, but have been proven to be unable to meet the strict standards.

So if membership alone proves to be quite an honour, just imagine the huge privilege of being appointed as a key player in the group. Appointments for Freemasons to become promoted to a higher level signifies a higher degree of knowledge and enlightenment not only in the Craft, but in their own personal lives as well. Of course, this covers not only a mental state of enlightenment, but a spiritual and moral state as well.

What comes with the appointment? When Freemasons are appointed to a higher position, not only will their responsibilities be a lot bigger, the tools and symbols that they bring with them would also be different. This means that most appointments also come with the need to buy new sets of regalia that would be more fitting to whatever the Freemason’s new role would be. New pieces of regalia could be added, and it is also possible for new symbols to be used. The Masonic Apron, for example, would often change in design as the level of the Mason who owns it changes as well.  You are given a provincial rank, you may be a member of a number of provinces so apron badges and jewels are required on appointment with your new rank and province you are in. Once you are advised of your appointment then its is important thatl you make arramngements to purchase your Craft Provincial Regalia, which can take as long as 3-5 weeks as the Provincial apron badges and Provincial collar jewels are made to order.

This is why with every appointment in the brotherhood, it is necessary to find out what new regalia would be required. This allows you to be prepared for the role by buying the necessary regalia that’s suited for the title, giving you the right image that you have to portray once the appointment is given. 

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