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The Symbolism of Ladies Masonic Pendant

The Symbolism of Ladies Masonic Pendant

Freemasons have always looked at their wives as the most important women in their lives. After all, it is quite true that behind some of the most successful men, there is often a great woman who supports him. As Freemasonry evolved and eventually accepted women into their ranks, the importance of women has become highlighted even more. Because of this, the variety of Masonic gifts for ladies has become even wider, giving Freemasons a lot more options to choose from.

When it comes to jewellery, one of the best choices would be the ladies’ Masonic pendant. Each pendant carries a symbol most important for Freemasonry. Here are some of those symbols:

·         The Broken Column – The Broken Column has had different interpretations, but two explanations remain to be most significant. Once is that it represents the fall of Master Hiram Abif, and the other says that it represents the unfinished work at the Temple of Solomon.

·         Square and Compasses – The symbol of the Masonic Square show the most important architectural tools that are used in Masonic rituals. They are used to teach symbolic lessons, such as learning how to ‘square’ their actions according to the ‘square’ of virtue.

·         Forget Me Not – Representing the beautiful flower of the same name, it is often used to help members remember the poor and the desperate, and is also used to remind members of the past Masons who feel victim to the Nazi regime. It can also be used as a symbolism for those who have died, that they will never be forgotten.

·         The Seal of the Order of the Eastern Star – Another popular symbol on a ladies’ Masonic pendant, it shows the most important symbol for the order that is open for both men and women.

With these symbols, every woman who wears their Masonic pendant can display how rich the history of Freemasonry truly is.

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