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The Importance of the Knights Templar Regalia

The Importance of the Knights Templar Regalia

The Knights Templar was a powerful force in the Middle Ages, and its members were among the wealthiest among Western Christian military orders. This is where the Masonic order Knights Templar derives their name, although they are not exactly a direct descendant of the group. The Masonic order, however, holds the same amount of power and wealth not in a military sense, but in terms of knowledge, morality, and other similar aspects.

In general, Freemasonry requires each of its members to believe in a Supreme Being, but does not really lean towards specific religions. When it comes to the Knights Templar however, it is only open to Christian Freemasons. Similar to the original Knights Templar, they also vow to protect and defend the Christian faith. The different lodges that bear the name of the Knights Templar can also stand alone as independent groups, or could declare themselves as part of the York Rite. Of course, they still have several similarities regardless of their affiliation, but the differences are also notable. The degree system under the Knights Templar as part of the York Rite, for example, includes The Illustrious Order of the Red Cross, The Degree of Saint Paul, The Order of the Knights of Malta, and the Order of the Temple. As for Knights Templar lodges that declare themselves independent, their degree system includes The Degree of Knight Templar, The Degree of Knight of St. Paul, and The Degree of Knight of Malta.

Just like any other Masonic order, there is also a huge importance given to Knights Templar regalia. After all, these regalia bear the symbols that tell stories about the brotherhood’s history. Knights Templar regalia are known for being elaborate, as they evidently showcase symbols that are also relevant to the Christian faith, something that also sets them aside from other Masonic organizations. 

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