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Masonic Blogs Worth Following

Masonic Blogs Worth Following

A lot of people still have mixed perceptions and opinions about Freemasonry in general, no matter how long they have been wearing their own Masonic regalia. To each his own of course, but knowing about the different opinions of Freemasons all around the world still proves to be important, not only to reaffirm your own beliefs through the eyes of those who say the same thing you do, but to challenge and test your own faith as you look at opposing sides in different Freemason matters.

Of course, although information on Freemasonry is widespread throughout the Internet (with a huge amount of it being products of different conspiracy theories), it is important to screen and determine which of them are worth reading over the others. Here are a few Masonic blogs that feature different views from your Masonic brothers. Some of them may agree with your own beliefs, some of them may not. But then all these opposing sides will only push all brothers to seek even more enlightenment, something that every brother is working towards.

·         Masonic Blogs at King Solomon’s Lodge (

·         The Midnight Freemasons (

·         The Tao of Masonry (

·         The Millennial Freemason (

·         Masonic Traveller (

·         Freemasons for Dummies (

·         All Things Masonic (

·         Masonology (

·         The Freemason Network (

·         Freemasonry: Reality, Myth, and Legend (

·         The Magpie Mind (

·         The Anthropological Mason (

·         The Hedge Mason (

Some of these blogs also discuss regular day-to-day life, and not just purely Masonic subjects. Of course, the majority of their posts still focus on everything Masonic, with different opinions that you may find interesting.

This goes to show that wearing a Masonic regalia similar to the ones that your brothers wear does not mean that all of you are of one mind in everything. There will always be times when you will have a view completely different from each other, and this is the time that the true importance of seeking for real knowledge comes in for a Freemason.

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